Q: What’s included for the merchant? 

A: The merchant receives a free, enterprise-level, fully customizable website. We have 100+ professionally designed themes available and built-in SEO, social media, and marketing tools —all included at no charge. 

Q: What does the merchant pay for the website?

A: Nothing! As long as they sign up to process with Shift4 Payments, the merchant does not pay any monthly or annual hosting fees. 

Q: What is the processing rate? 

A: Similar to Square, Wix, and other eCommerce sites, the published rates are 2.9% + $0.30.

Q: What merchants can be boarded with Shift4Shop? 

A: Most of the usual business types that can be sent to Shift4 for payments, including higher-risk categories like firearms, supplements, and CBD. You can contact your RM for specific merchant questions. 

Q: How are the merchants supported? 

A: We have support available 24/7 via the Chat feature in the merchant’s Online Store Manager and also via the Shift4Shop website. 

Q: Are Apple Pay and Google Pay supported?

A: Support for these are coming soon. 


Q: Can I use a custom domain name?

A: Yes. You can register a domain name through Shift4Shop or bring your own! 

Q: Can I register a domain through your service? 

A: Yes. We offer free domain registration! 

Q: Can I use my own registered domain name? 

A: Yes! You can either change your domain’s DNS to our name servers or keep the domain with your registrar service and point to your web store using either A Record or CNAME changes.   

Q: Can I use a subdomain? 

A: Yes! You can use your Shift4Shop store as your subdomain to your main online presence. For example, you can have your main site as domain.com and your store as a secondary domain such as shop.domain.com. 

Q: Can I make my own DNS changes? 

A: If your domain’s DNS is transferred to use our name server information, you will have the ability to add and edit DNS records like A records, CNAMEs, MX records, and TXT records from the admin panel. 

Q: Can I change my domain if I decide I don’t like it? 

A: Yes. There is no cost associated with updating your domain if you change it after your initial free domain registration. 


Q: Do you offer an email service?

A: You can use a third-party email service such as Google Suite or Outlook 365 to handle your store’s @domain email. The email service will work through MX record updates. 

Q: Can I use email with this service? 

A: Yes. You can set up the store’s @domain email to work with your web store. However, the email service itself must be set up with a third party, such as Google Suite or Outlook 365. 


Q: Can I ship internationally?

A: Yes. Shift4Shop offers integrations with all major carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS, to provide real-time shipping rates for international shipments. 

Q: Can I sell internationally? 

A: Yes. You can sell your products to international customers. 

Q: Can I accept international payments? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop can accept international payments from your international customers. 

Q: Can I block business and orders from specific countries? 

A: Yes. You can edit your store’s country list to only sell your products to the countries you select. All valid countries will appear on the customer’s shipping country list on the checkout page. 


Q: Can I send newsletters and marketing emails?

A: Yes. You can send newsletters directly from Shift4Shop, or if you prefer, we integrate with services such as Mailchimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact.   Click here   for a full list of email marketing integrations. 

Q: Can I offer sales and discount promotions? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop includes an intuitive promotion manager that allows you to configure discounts, giveaways, and more. 

Q: Do you integrate with Mailchimp and other email marketing services? 

A: Yes. You can integrate your Shift4Shop site with numerous third-party email marketing services. Click here for a full list of email marketing integrations. 

Q: Can you integrate a Shift4Shop Store with Google and Facebook? 

A: Yes! We offer simple checkout and easy App Store integrations. Integrating your Shift4Shop store with major online marketplace provides you an additional advantage by generating greater traffic and increased product visibility. Integrate your shop with marketplaces like Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and so on. 


Q: Do I get more than one login/users account to manage the software?

A: Yes. Shift4Shop offers an unlimited number of users to help you manage your store. You can also set access controls so that only your staff with appropriate permissions can edit specific online store specific areas. 

Q: Do I get FTP access? 

A: Yes. FTP access is available by request. The online store manager interface also includes a built-in file manager to help you upload files. 

Q: Do I need a separate hosting service? 

A: No. We’ve made getting your store up and running as simple as possible. Shift4Shop has hosting services available for your store. 

Q: What third-party integrations can I use? 

A: Click here to see all of our third-party integrations within Shift4Shop. 

Q: Is there any API access? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has REST and SOAP API functionality that allows you to integrate your store with numerous third-party integrations. SOAP API is available upon request. 

Q: Is the store safe and secure? 

A: Yes! Both the Shift4Shop service and Shift4 Payment services are entirely PCI compliant and have state-of-the-art security that will give your customer’s comfort shopping at your online store. Click here for more information on Shift4Shop’s security. 

Q: Can I transfer my store from another platform? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop offers free migration services for qualified merchants that use our end-to-end platform. If you do not qualify, Shift4Shop provides templates so you can import your data from another platform into Shift4Shop. 

Q: Where do I go for technical assistance? 

A: The administrator interface contains a chat window that allows you to communicate in real-time with our 24/7 support staff. Additionally, all of the pages within the administrator interface have help articles for your convenience. 


Q: Do you offer recurring billing options?

A: Yes. You can set up recurring and subscription billing if you bundle your Shift4Shop store with Shift4 Payments. 

Q: Is there a way to have a merchant send out invoices via email to allow a customer to pay online? 

A: Yes. We do have the option of sending invoices to customers through the admin panel. It’s called the “Hosted Invoice Module” and here is the article on how to use it: support.3dcart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/view/924 

Q: Do you have a keep card on file option? 

A: Yes. Your customers can securely save their cardholder information for further payments if you bundle your Shift4Shop store with Shift4 Payments. 

Q: Do you offer Bitcoin payment? 

A: Bitcoin payments are coming soon. 

Q: Can I accept check/money order payment? 

A: Yes! You can create offline payment methods that don’t require any online transaction. For example, check money order, cash on demand, Net 30, etc. 

Q: When will I receive my funding (Shift4 Payments)? 

A: Merchants can expect to receive funding within two business days. Delays beyond two business days may occur in the unlikely event that a funding hold is applied to the account or if the account setup form has not been completed by the merchant. 

Q: What will my settlement/batch time be? (Shift4 Payments) 

A: Your settlement time is automatically configured for 3:00 a.m. Contact Support if you would like to change this time. 

Q: When are my fees taken out? 

A: Accounts are boarded on Net Daily Discount, which means the deposit is made less the fees for processing. If you’d like to update to Monthly Discount, please contact your Relationship Manager or Channel Sales Manager. 

Q: What card brands are accepted? (Shift4 Payments) 

A: Shift4 is automatically configured to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB. 


Q: Do you offer products to sell?

A: Shift4Shop provides you an intuitive and modern solution for your eCommerce store. Shift4Shop does not offer any products for you to sell. Fortunately, we have multiple integrations with drop-shipping solutions. Click here for a complete list. 

Q: Is drop-shipping possible? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop integrates with a wide array of drop-shipping providers. Click here to see a complete list of our third-party drop-shipping providers. 

Q: Are there any prohibited items? 

A: There are a small number business types not supported on the platform. Shift4Shop does not support nutraceuticals & supplements, online gaming, payday loans, or security brokerage businesses. 

Q: Do you permit CBD shops? 

A: Yes. Please review this page for a CBD shop on Shift4Shop overview. 

Q: Do you permit firearms shops? 

A: Yes. Please review this page for a firearms shop on Shift4Shop overview. 

Q: Do you permit adult novelties shops? 

A: Yes. Online businesses featuring adult novelties are permitted. 

Q: How many products can I add to my store? 

A: You can add an unlimited number of products to your Shift4Shop store. 

Q: Can I offer products with different variations/options? 

A: Yes. You can set an unlimited number of customized options or variations on a single product. 

Q: Can I sell digital products? 

A: Yes. You can sell digital products that are downloadable such as music or dress patterns. When an order for a digital product is placed, your Shift4Shop store will email your customer a custom link where they’ll download their item. To prevent sharing, you can set an expiration on the download link to prevent it from being shared. 

Q: Can I track inventory? 

A: Yes. Your Shift4Shop store has built-in inventory control that will keep track of the store’s units on hand. This feature includes advanced options, which will let you track inventory on items based on their choices. Also, you can prevent orders from being placed on items if they are out of stock. 

Q: Can I set up different pricing levels for my shoppers? 

A: Yes. You can set up to 10 different price levels on each product. You can then create separate Customer Groups that use any of these price levels. This way, customers belonging to a specific group will see only their group’s pricing. You can hide items on different levels, so you have “exclusive” products available only to certain groups. 

Q: Can I track inventory on-hand options/modifiers? 

A: Yes! You can track stock levels on variations or options. For example, if you sell a T-shirt that comes in three colors and three sizes, you can specify the number of items on hand for each size/color combination. 

Q: Can I offer file upload options for products? 

A: Yes. You can enable the file upload option for your products on your store. This feature allows your customers to upload files for items that require customization, such as a logo or picture for a T- shirt. 

Q: Can I offer mix pack product options? 

A: Yes. You can enable the mixed pack option, which allows your customers to combine multiple products into a single case or package. Click here for more details on how mixed pack works within Shift4Shop. 

Q: Can I offer engraving/monogramming options for products? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has two option types that can be used by your customers to include a single line of text on their item (i.e., embroidered name) or a full-text box for larger messages to will apply to the item (e.g., a plaque) they’re purchasing. 

Q: Can I sell product bundles? 


A: Yes. You have the option to create product bundles within your Shift4Shop store. This feature will allow your customers to add different products by selecting a specific product bundle. For example, you may have a product bundle for a camera. Product bundle one only includes the camera. Product bundle two consists of the camera and the tripod. Product bundle 3 consists of the camera, tripod, and an additional lens. Your customers can select the product bundle of their choice on your store. 


Q: Can I set up shipping calculation?

A: Yes. You can use both real-time shipping calculation or range based shipping calculation. The real- time shipping option allows your store to connect your store to a shipping service such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. During the order process, the store will connect to the shipping carrier to return a rate that the shopper can select during checkout. The range-based shipping option allows you to create numerical ranges that can calculate shipping based on factors like the order’s weight, the number of items in the order, or the dollar value of the items being ordered. 

Q: Do you offer freight shipping calculation? 

A: Yes. You can set up range-based freight shipping that allows you to calculate the shipping cost based on the item’s weight. For real-time freight shipping rates, we have numerous integrations available. Click here to see the complete list of integrations. 

Q: Can I get real-time shipping rates? 

A: Yes! You can connect your Shift4Shop store to your shipping service such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS. During the order process, the store will connect to the shipping service(s) based on the order’s origin, destination, and general weight amount. Your customer can then select their preferred shipping method, and the amount will apply to their total order. 

Q: Do you offer FedEx HAL? 


A: Yes. HAL refers to FedEx’s “Hold at location” service, where your customers can elect to have their items sent to a FedEx partner location like Walgreens and held for them. When you connect your store to your FedEx account for real-time shipping rates, you can also enable the option to let your customers select HAL during checkout. Click here for more information. 


Q: Do you offer SSL?

A: Yes! We offer a free dedicated SSL with your account.

Q: Can I use my own SSL certificate?

A: Yes, but there is a $99 transfer fee required for importing an external SSL certificate.

Store Functionality

Q: Can I import/export store information (products, orders, etc.)?

A: Yes! You can export and import data to and from your store using CSV (comma-separated values) files. You can import and export products, product options, product categories, product image paths, product reviews, customer records, newsletter email addresses, orders (export only), 301 redirects, and many more.

Q: Does the store have reporting?

A: Yes. Your Shift4Shop store has numerous reports for information on sales, inventory, site traffic, and more. Click here to view more details on Shift4Shop reporting.

Q: Can I link my store to QuickBooks?

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has a QuickBooks Plugin, which allows you to connect your Shift4Shop store with QuickBooks. The plugin will enable you to synchronize your bookkeeping records between Shift4Shop and QuickBooks. Click here to see a list of compatible QuickBooks versions.

Q: Will the store record customers and their orders?

A: Yes. Your Shift4Shop store will create customer records and keep track of their purchased items and orders. The information that’s gathered will help develop marketing strategies for your customer base. You can also set up guest checkout options so that your customers remain anonymous and they’re not tracked.

Q: How many pages can my site have?

A: Shift4Shop allows you to create an unlimited product and informational pages. You can create as many product and information pages as needed!

Q: Can I process returns?

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), which allows you to accept and process returns from your customers.

Q: Do you have a CRM? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has a CRM module that allows you to manage any generated inquiries when a customer contacts you on the Contact Us page. You can manage the status of the inquiries and respond directly to your customers. If you’re used to using a third-party CRM, we have many integrations available. Click here to see a full list of our CRM integrations. 

Q: Can I sell B2B? 

A: Yes! You can use your Shift4Shop store to sell products to an individual shopper or business-to- business (B2B) customers — or both at the same time! 

Q: Do you have a phone order system in place? 

A: Yes. Your Shift4Shop store allows you to manually add phone orders if your customer does not want to process the order on your site. Phone orders will enable you to add manual discounts, edit prices, and Shift4Shop will create a customer record when the order is placed. 

Q: Can my customers place product reviews? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has a product review module that allows your customers to place reviews on products they’ve purchased. You can approve all reviews and specify which customers (verified customers, all customers) can leave a review. 

Q: Can I use affiliate marketing? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has an Affiliate Program module that allows you to offer commissions to people who refer customers to your store. We also have numerous third-party affiliate programs. Click here to see a full list. 

Q: Do you offer MAP (minimum advertised price)? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows you to add custom text for the pricing label for products on your storefront. Use this feature in scenarios where you require your customers to add the item to their card to see the price when specific product options will dictate the final price, or you may need your customer to call the store to get the cost of the product. 

Q: Does the store software have SEO functions? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop is equipped with SEO (search engine optimization) functions, including 301 redirects, keywords, custom file names, domain canonicalization, sitemaps, and more. Click here to view our Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization for more information. 

Q: Can I password protect my store/products? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows you to require a login to view the entire store, all products, or certain products. 

Q: Can I offer gift certificates? 

A: Yes. You can sell gift certificates that can be purchased by your shoppers and allow them to address the gift certificate to the recipient. Your store will generate a code that corresponds to the gift certificate amount. You can also create gift certificates to send directly to your customers without requiring a customer to purchase them. 

Q: Can I issue store credit to customers? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows you to apply store credit to any customer you choose. When the shopper has store credit applied to their record, the store credit amount will apply to their next order. Any leftover balance will simply be applied to their next order until the credit balance is zero. 

Q: Do you offer reward points? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows you to enable rewards that will award a point for every dollar spent on a customer’s record. You can set up products that can be redeemed by your customers once they accrue enough points. 

Q: Can I offer discount pricing for buying in bulk? 

A: Yes. You can offer either a flat dollar or percentage discount on products if they’re purchase in bulk. For example, item A usually is $15.99, but if your shopper buys 20 units or more, the store will charge them at a rate of $14.25 for each unit. 

Q: Can I list items on Google Shopping? 

A: Yes! You have options available for exporting product feeds to Google Product Listing Ads, as well as Google Shopping. 

Q: Can I list my items on eBay? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has an eBay module that allows you to list items from your store on eBay for purchase or auction pricing. Furthermore, you can import your eBay orders to your web store for tracking and fulfillment. 

Q: Can I set up a gift registry? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows your customers to create a gift registry for an important event and choose the items they would like to have placed in the registry. They can then share the registry with their friends and family. Any items purchased off the registry will be shipped directly to the customer who created the registry. 

Q: Do you offer a blog? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows you to enable a blog where you can create informational or marketing articles for your customers. You can schedule articles ahead of time and allow comments on the articles. 

Q: Can I offer gift and gift wrapping options? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows you to enable multiple shipping options at checkout. For example, if your customer wants to send an item as a gift, your customer can choose to send the item to themselves or directly to the person receiving the gift. Your customers can also select if they would like to have the item gift wrapped at an additional cost. 

Q: Do you have 2FA (two-factor authentication) security available? 

A: Yes. When adding additional staff to your online store manager, you can select if you want to enable two-factor authentication for an extra level of security. 

Q: Do you have curbside/in-store pick up available? 

A: Yes. Shfit4Shop allows you to set up pickup locations where your customers can select where they want to pick up their items. For example, you can create a pickup location for in-store or curbside. Also, you can set your products to be available for in-store pickup or delivery only. 

Q: Can I charge additional fees at checkout? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop includes an additional fees module that allows your customers to select whether they would like to pay an additional fee at checkout in exchange for a service or convenience. For example, you can give your customers the ability to rush an order or tip delivery drivers for local deliveries. 

Q: Do you offer data privacy compliance functions for CCPA and similar laws? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop includes a Data Privacy Toolkit that helps you adhere to CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) type laws and inform your customers how their data is being used, saved, and handled. Also, this includes “Accept Cookies” pop-up messages and privacy policy requirements. Your customers also can review and request their data from being stored. 

Q: Can I offer sales representative commissions? 

A: Yes. Shift4Shop has a sales representative tracking module that gives you the ability to set up sales representatives and their commission rates and then assign the sales representative to your customers. As your customers place orders, Shift4Shop will track the commission owed to the respective sales representative. 

Q: Can I process refunds from the store? 

A: Yes! Shift4Shop allows you to process refunds from the Online Store Manager. 


Q: Can I set up tax calculation?

A: Yes. Shift4Shop allows you to manage taxes by configuring areas where sales tax is required. The taxable areas can include country, state, and ZIP code. When a customer enters a shipping location that requires sales tax, your store will automatically apply the tax. Also, Shift4Shop has integrated with third-parties who will automatically calculate tax based on the customer’s shipping address. Click here to view a full list of third-party integrations.

Q: Can I sell taxable and non-taxable items?

A: Yes. You can mark individual products as non-taxable.

Q: Can I charge separate tax rates for different products?

A: Yes. The Shift4Shop tax options allow you to set up tax ranges using a tax code for each rate. You’ll then apply the tax code to the appropriate products that require a different tax rate.

External Web Site

Q: Can I use this with WordPress or an existing website?

A: Yes. You can use your WordPress plugin.

Q: Can I use this with my existing website?

A: Yes. Shift4Shop gives you two ways to preserve our main online presence on your existing website or WordPress site. First, you can add a “Buy Button” on your existing site for any product. When a customer selects the “Buy Button,” the product will be added to their cart, and a small pop-up appears, which allows the customer to checkout. The second option is to use your Shift4Shop store as your subdomain to your main online presence. For example, you can have your main site as domain.com and your store as a secondary domain such as shop.domain.com.

Payment Express FAQ

Q: How do I add/change my bank account?

A: Changing the bank account configuration can be done from the Payment Settings section of your Shift4Shop admin panel.

Q: How do I find my statement?

A: Statements are emailed to the address provided during setup once per month.

Q: How do I process a refund? 

A: Refunds can be processed within the Shift4Shop Admin Panel. This article provides an overview of steps to complete a refund. 

Q: How do I void a transaction? 

A: Transaction voids can be processed within the Shift4Shop Admin Panel. This article provides an overview of steps to complete a void. 

Q: How do I change my settlement time? 

A: Settlement time is automatically configured by Shift4Shop during shop configuration, for 3:00 am. Please contact Support if you wish to change the time. 

Q: What happens in the event of a chargeback? 

A: All chargeback instances are communicated via email. Each email will include the chargeback details and a link where supporting documents may be uploaded to address the chargeback claim. 

Q: Do I have to manually batch each day? 

A: No. Shift4Shop is automatically configured to batch at 3:00 a.m. and settle daily. 

Q: Is there a list of Payment Error codes? 

A: Any payment errors experienced at checkout are captured by Shift4Shop and available in the Admin Panel. This article provides an overview of error message retrieval within the application. 

Q: How do I edit my payment methods? 

A: Payment methods are configured within the Admin Panel application. This article provides an overview of payment method configuration. 

Q: What card brands and payment methods are accepted? 

A: Shift4 Payments is automatically configured to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. Coming soon, Apple Pay and Google Pay.