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Better Liquor Control

A Bar's Success is Measured by:

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction

Simple Solution: Powerful Liquor Monitoring

How it works:

Step 1: SmartSpouts collect data on every drink poured & data analysis accurately matches pours with POS transactions.

Step 2: BarVision’s innovative reporting identifies when revenue is lost due to improper pours or POS posts (Overpours, Giveaways, and Premium Substitutions).

Step 3: Dedicated Customer Success advisors deliver personalized insights and collaborate with bar managers to address issues, ensure progress, and maintain results.

Step 4: Establish a culture of accountability through accurately posting what is poured Margin improve and leverage revenues increase.


The RF Sensor Technology captures pours as they happen. The smart spouts can detect when a bottle is being poured and how much volume is being poured.

Grab Real Time

Grab POS Transactions

Analyze Data

Report: What Where and When issues occur

Creates a Culture of Honesty

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