Accept Payments Online

A variety of payment options ranging from debit cards, credit cards and e-checks to digital payments like Apple Pay, PayPal and Visa Checkout.

Security & Compliance

Secure Customer Data – All data is stored in Authorize.Net’s data center, and never on the merchants computer. Authorize.Net uses the latest SSL technology.

PCI Compliant 

Card Present Solutions:

Virtual Point of Sale (VPoS)

  • Any PC connected to the web can become a Point-Of-Sale terminal with the addition of an inexpensive Magtek device.

Simple Checkout Benefits:

  • Easy implementation
  • No added costs
  • No shopping card needed
  • User friendly interface 
  • Access through the merchant interface

Value Added Services

  • eCheck.Net
  • Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)
  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS)
  • Customer Information Manager (CIM)