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Your customers want to order from 'Your' Restaurant!

As a restaurant owner there are other resources available that will allow your customers to order online without having to go through a third-party aggregator first. Technologies like TakeOut7’s online ordering will allow you to utilize world class online ordering without going through a third party who will force you to compete with other restaurants in your area.

5 Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant (without Grub, Uber Eats, etc.)

Claim and Manage Your Google Business Listing

The Google business listing is a free search result that is shown every time someone searches for your restaurant. The search results include a large panel with the restaurant image(s), information and reviews with links to the website and online ordering

Create a Social Marketing Presence for Your Restaurant

  1. Drawing in new customers usually happens through word of mouth and people visiting your website. It’s your menu, service and food, and now you can use social media to reach beyond what would have been considered the normal reach for restauranteurs, customer wise.

2. Create a new platform to brag a little and make new friends.

Send Birthday Emails

Almost everyone goes out to celebrate a birthday. When they do they usually bring quite a few people with them. This is a great opportunity to attract new people to your restaurant.

Offer to Host Holiday Parties and Events

Many people are looking for a place to host holiday parties. Let customers know by posting on your website that you host special events. Leverage your social media to announce your intentions.

Online Ordering

Consumers today just don’t like the phone. Make sure online ordering is an option. It’s an easy way to increase sales. It also helps you better serve and satisfy existing customers.

You Need to Understand the Millenial Maze!

Millenials play an important role in the modern day restaurant industry. Millenials make over 60% of their purchases online. Millenials make roughly 25% of the US population. As a whole millenials are America’s top spenders. And so making online ordering available to millenials is critical to your restaurant.

We're all about making it easy for you to do:

Auto Menu Sync

All changes to your POS menu are automatically posted to your online menus -like magic.

Daily Settlements

We show you the money every day. No more waiting a week to collect your own revenue.

Instore Marketing

Tell customers you have online ordering. We provide window decals, table tents and more.

Email Marketing

Tap into the power of targeted email and build a customer database that you own.

Training & Support

From setup and training to ongoing support, you always get the white glove treatment.

Dedicated Account Managers

You’re our valued customer and that means a lot to us. We’ll be at the ready when you need us.

Web & Mobile Ordering

Take your POS menus online. We provide an awesome web and mobile experience.

Kitchen Printing

Online orders print to your POS printers just like instore printers. -Say goodbye to manuel entry.

POS Integration

Your online orders post directly to your POS system. We make the integration and setup easy.
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