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The new Social WiFi

Proven Tools, Tricks, and Techniques

We all know it... WiFi is growing like crazy

The evolution of mobile technology and Internet has led today's mobile consumer to be 'always connected', anytime, anywhere

Cellular networks are already struggling to keep up with rise in demand for Internet data.


Small businesses today are innovating to attract today's mobile customers

And restaurants make big money by offering Free WiFi

But WiFi isn't just WiFi  -   It's now a


Marketing WiFi increases your in-store sales in 2 ways

Getting People to Buy More

Getting More People to Buy

So... How do customers use it?

Marketing WiFi is converting local strangers into customers in 3 easy steps.

1. They log in once
Imagine a stranger next door, using your WiFi. Most merchants hate this. He's not even purchasing from you! However a smart marketer sees the opportunity!




2. They get a coupon
Next time he's outside his phone pops up a coupon. He's a 25 year old male (you've noticed that demographic loves BBQ ribs.)




3. ...And becomes a customer!

"Hmm... interesting." and your new customer walks inside.
Over72% of consumers respond to call to action in marketing messages they receive within sight of the retailer.

It's not just a rewards system... You learn how to improve your restaurant.

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And nurture more loyal customers...

Repeat customers cost less (a lot less!)


They also buy A LOT  more