OpenSimSim Scheduling Software is Integrated with Harbortouch POS

Features that Improve Work/Life Balance

Receive Schedules in Real Time
Employees will stay up to date with the latest schedule via notifications on their phone

Pick Up Extra Shifts
Managers can post shift opportunities for employees that are looking for extra work.

Receive Shift Notes on Mobile
Employees can receive notes about a shift they are working and understand exactly what is expected of them. A great tool for new hires and closers.

Easily Swap and Drop Shifts
Employees can ask permission to swap and drop shifts in a simple fluid process

Proactively Manage Timeoff
Employees can submit time off requests that, when approved, automatically update across the schedule.

Collaborate Using Team
Employees can stay connected with workplace communication by usingĀ  team messaging.

Easy to use by managers and employees making the entire scheduling process more reliable.

Shows employee availability at a glance

Message Board

Instant Notification sent to all employees

Available Day and Night, your entire team can stay connected anywhere, anytime on any device.

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